GARTALLERY Gallery was founded in 2019 by artist and interior designer Ksenia Grishchenko. 

Its convenient location in the historical Ostozhenka district on the banks of the Moscow River and a modern entrance lobby with panoramic windows attract many visitors.  ;The interior of the gallery in an elegant and luxurious style creates a special atmosphere and makes its space unique and memorable.

From the very beginning, Ksenia believed that the main goal of the gallery was to demonstrate the diversity of artistic works, and wanted to create a space where everyone could enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of art. Exhibitions of artists creating their works in different styles are held at GARTALLERY regularly. The versatility of the gallery also allows you to use the space for presentations, business meetings and organizing holidays.

Ksenia Grishchenko Gallery is open to any projects and ideas related to art. She invites artists, curators and event organizers to collaborate to create unique, vibrant and memorable projects.

GARTALLERY is a unique place in the center of Moscow, where art comes to life and inspires. A space where art becomes accessible and attractive to everyone.