Lecture "Mikhail Larionov. The Hero's Path"

Date: 28 January
Lecture "Mikhail Larionov. The Hero's Path"

“When many artists sweated and sweated to get to the Tretyakov Gallery, Larionov was already there” — This is how philanthropist A. A. Shemshurin remembered him in the mid-1900s.

At the meeting, we talked about the unique creative path of the artist, whom Valentin Serov called “the most scandalous, controversial and most talented painter of his generation.”

Mikhail Larionov — “Harlequin” of the avant-garde, father of Rayonism and innovator of the 20th century. He came up with his own artistic style, which incorporated the ideas of the interaction of light, color, shape and perception of the world through the “sum of reflected rays.” His versatile talent allowed him to engage not only in painting, organizing art exhibitions and associations, but also to realize himself as a theater decorator, trendsetter, and even conduct choreographer activities.

During the lecture, we were able to look behind the scenes of Mikhail Larionov’s work, immerse ourselves in the world of his ideas and form our own opinion about the master’s works.

* In 1912, Larionov painted a series of works, “The Seasons,” which was consistent with the theme of our Four Seasons exhibition. “Winter” and “Spring” are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, “Summer” and “Autumn” are in Paris (Pompidou Center and private collection). 

Lecturer: Alena Kalacheva

See you, friends!