Breakfast at Gartallery

Breakfast at Gartallery

🎙️ "The Art of Beauty: From Egypt to Reality" - a new exciting podcast with Pavel Lagunov, 

where we explore the evolution of the concept of beauty in art, starting with ancient Egypt and tracing its changes in accordance with current temporal and social events.

On this fascinating journey, we will learn about the different eras and cultures that have shaped our understanding of art and its relationship with beauty. 

Pavel Lagunov, our host and art expert, will share his knowledge and explore important periods of art, starting with Egypt and expanding to the present day.

We will discuss how art moved away from the romantic ideal of beauty and began to reflect real and social events and problems. 

We will discuss contemporary artistic trends and how they reflect modern society.

Looking inside different eras of art, we will discover how the perception of the beauty of art has changed over the centuries. 

We'll look at the impact of political, social and technological shifts on art, and discuss how artists used their work 

to highlight relevant topics and provoke reactions from viewers.

If you are interested in art and its connection to beauty, if you want to learn more about how art reflects the real world, 

join us on the telegram channel in our new podcast “The Art of Beauty: From Egypt to Reality” with Pavel Lagunov. 

Not only will you expand your knowledge of art, but you will also gain a new understanding of how it relates to our modern lives.