Opening of the exhibition "Gartallery Collection"

Date: open until October 3
Opening of the exhibition "Gartallery Collection"

We are pleased to announce that the exhibition has opened


The pearl of the evening was a unique performance by the talented artist Maria Barkovskaya, where guests enjoyed the artist’s creative process.

At the opening, we filmed an interview with artists Olga Talantseva and Roman Serebryansky, whose works are presented at the exhibition, you can watch them on our Instagram.

This project reflects our commitment to the arts, our desire to support artists and develop in this field. 

We invite you to plunge into a wonderful world where each picture tells its own story.

Come and be inspired by the works of the masters. 

This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the artistic world and feel its emotional power. 

The exhibition is open  until November 3rd, so come to the Gartallery and enjoy the beautiful works of art. 

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition: "Gartallery Collection"