lecture "N. Goncharova. The Way of the Amazon"

Date: April 12 18:00
lecture "N. Goncharova. The Way of the Amazon"

Natalia Goncharova — along with other famous artists of the early 20th century — called the Amazon of the Russian avant-garde.

Original, bold, scandalous — all this is about Goncharova’s work.

“You have eyes for color, but you are busy with form. Open your eyes to your own eyes!” — with these words of M. Larionov, Natalia's future husband, her formation in the genre of painting began (and she began her studies at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from the sculpture department).

She had a tremendous influence on the development of Russian culture, while in Paris, where she lived for almost 50 years, she was not as famous and popular as in Russia 100 years ago or today.

At the lecture on 04/12/2024 we will look at the life of Natalia Goncharova through the prism of the concept of the “hero’s path”. We will get acquainted with her creative heritage, covering a large number of diverse and dissimilar styles and genres. This was in keeping with the spirit of the era: scientific discoveries, new philosophical and cultural movements, rethinking the past.

“It’s time for art to invade life” — and this is fully reflected in Goncharova’s works.

The lecture is given by Alena Kalacheva — historian, group moderator.

The lecture will take place on April 12 at  Gartallery 

Kursovoy lane, 10/1, metro station Kropotkinskaya.

Gathering of guests from 18:00, lecture starts at 18:30, duration ~1.5 hours.

The number of tickets is limited.

See you!

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